Identifying Your Industry Influencer

The marketing playing field changes swiftly and surely; to survive companies and businesses must catch up with it. Since marketing is all about promoting and selling services, it is crucial to identify key players first. By “key player” we do not mean the competitors only – social media influencers too.

Thus, we come to the next point: influencer marketing and why you should bother with it.

As any of the influencer marketing companies will tell you, the first step is to understand the importance of this exercise and what it will mean for your bottom line. What better way to know this than to look at a few figures that will provide undeniable evidence?

  • 48% of marketers intend to increase their budget for this particular type of marketing. on the same note, 56% are in agreement that influencer marketing can have a positive impact on people about your brand. (eMarketer)
  • 51% of marketers believe leads acquired through this form of marketing are better, and it generates 11X more ROI than other typical forms.


With the point being established that social influencer marketing is paramount, we come to the meat of this article: how to identify the players.

Define the perfect influencer


First thing first, identify the boundaries that would encompass the right type of internet celebrity for you. This also includes the selection of suitable influencer marketing platforms to execute your campaign on.

For example, the first step is to identify who fits your industry niche. If your industry is related to health care or medicinal products, you wouldn’t want to ask a beauty blogger to endorse your brand. It will just not make sense.


Similarly, the person in question will have to have a large audience reach too.

Furthermore, how well your chosen person is able to execute the campaign and bring profitable results should also be considered. We come full circle here because this depends on how well the influencer fits your industry.



Keeping an eye out on social media

Social media is the main platform for executing your campaign. It the medium from where influencers are selected and it is the channel through which they will communicate to their followers.


Keeping an eye out through methods such as research hashtags, Google Alerts, and so on. Keep tuned in to the conversation so that you know who is active in your field and who is a potential candidate. 

Found the right candidate? Build a long-term relationship with them and get on with the next step of influencer marketing!


Use tools

For a definitive strategy, tools are needed. These can be an influencer marketing agency, influencer marketing software, or an influencer search engine that lets you sift through a whole database of potential ambassadors for your brand.