Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Delivery App

Reason 1:

The Alcoholic Drinks market will reach $184,076 million in 2021.

Beer and wine are a must in many parties, gatherings, and even events. The market worth has always been high and true to its nature, it will see a robust growth in the future too. Whether this is a good or bad thing is another debate, but we all can see Alcohol delivery app get the most benefits from here.

Reason 2:

In 2017, the online delivery is worth $11 billion, and of that figure about two thirds of orders are for – you guessed that right – pizza!

Pizza has the power to rock the world, and our emotions. With the market worth showing promising figures, we would say companies not in investing in pizza delivery app or even third party on demand economy apps do so at their own risk.


Reason 3:

From 2018 to 2020 the offline delivery market is to fall by 7.6%, and online food delivery service market will grow by 14.9%.

Food delivery apps like uber are sure contributors this growth. More and more people are turning to the ease of ordering online with minimum interaction or talking as compared to calling and ordering, or going to the restaurant for takeout. Takeout is comfort food, and after the days toil people want to just relax with minimum – if any – interaction.


A ripe opportunity to harvest.




Reason 4:

US online grocery spending could be a $100 billion dollars by 2025.

These figures are not and should not be surprising. If we can order pizza online then why not grocery delivery services like a grocer delivery app?

As people and stores alike become more and more tech savvy, this was bound to happen. Mobile phones are not what they were before; stores and people alike want to make most of this opportunity.


What is your business waiting for?

Reason 5:

Delivery apps have loyal customers

Let it be a package delivery app or a food delivery service app; the hunt for the best delivery app continues. And what happens when people do find an all inclusive platform? They stick to it. Give the people something they find useful or like and they will remain loyal to it. Your app is like a digital version of real estate property on the consumer’s phone. Once it’s there, it is there – unless you give them reason to remove it.

Reason 6:

63% of on demand delivery app workers are content with their jobs, and 81% intend to continue this line of work for the next year.

Labor and delivery app provide opportunities for people using them and people working for them, alike. People want to find the best food delivery app to work for and earn quick cash whenever they want. The stat above clearly shows us many individuals are already taking advantage of this opportunity, and are getting the job flexibility they desire.