3 Gemstones With Meanings & Properties

Mother Nature is not a person or a place, but is an invisible essence. Mother Nature is the essence which gives birth to precious elements that extends far beyond human comprehension or the ability to recreate such. Diamonds, Rubies, Sapphire, Aquamarine, and thousands of more different types of gemstones that exists in this world; all has a meaning and has unique properties which has been designed by Mother Nature itself. In this post, we will be discussing the 3 most precious gemstones in the world that has significant meaning and unique properties that no other element has.


Diamonds have been around for a very long period of time and dates back as early as the 4th Century BC.
They have been always been used to symbolize and stir up meaning to the person whom wore the diamond in a jewelry fashion. Today, an average diamond can cost anywhere from $3,000-$5,000 and this depends on many different factors of the diamond such as cut, clarity, color and contrast.

The meaning of a diamond can be a bit hard to grasp. Diamonds are the thought to be the gem of a winter season since it resembles the color of ice. The diamond is the crystalline of Illumination, the crystal of light. It is also considered to be a gem of a spiritual stone, in which symbolizes perfection, strength, wisdom and clairvoyance. Diamonds are said to bring good luck, wealth and wisdom.

The properties of a diamond are like no other. Mostly the diamond element is made from carbon. Amazingly, the carbon atoms are arranged naturally in a cubical structure known as the lattice. The element is an isotropic crystalline, making its material transparent. However diamonds are also rarely found in colored stones such as chocolate diamonds and pink diamonds.


Aquamarine is a precious stone that resemble the light-sky-blue tint coloration. They make the perfect jewel set for just about any type of occasion. Aquamarine is believed to encourage calmness, clarity and relaxation. The stone is associated to the divine feminine essence. One of these gems can cost anywhere from $5-$100 per carat!
Many people don’t know that Aquamarine is actually the element of beryllium, in which comes in many different colors. When beryllium is found to a blue tint under the blue colors spectrum, it is called aquamarine gemstone. The crystalline in aquamarine has a hexagonal formation.


Emeralds have been around for some time now, they have been widely used in many royal wears such as crowns and talismans. Emeralds are believed to have special abilities that afflicts upon the human heart. The energy levels that an emerald gives, helps to promote honesty, love and compassion. The emerald element is a precious stone that is part of the beryl family too. Emeralds obtain its green coloration from chromium and sometimes vanadium in the crystalline formation.

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