Whats Different About Chocolate Diamond Bracelets?

Bracelets have been gracing those beautiful wrists of women since ever. It has become a symbol of style, femininity and class. Since diamond is a girl’s best friend, they prefer nothing over sparkly diamonds. But getting a diamond bracelet costs a lot and doesn’t come under everyone’s budget. Don’t worry girls, we have got a yummy new alternate for you that will be easy on your pocket.

Chocolate Diamond Bracelets are becoming popular with each day passing by. The main reasons behind this fame are immaculate designs and affordable prices. Ever since chocolate diamonds were introduced, they have captured the market by storm. Le Vian corporation is a pro in coming up with attractive bracelet designs using the best quality chocolate diamonds.

Where are chocolate diamonds found?

Contrary to popular belief, white diamonds do not mark as the most common variety of diamonds. Brown diamonds make up a huge number of natural diamonds. Brown diamonds are mined together with white diamonds. In the Argyle mine in Australia, 80% of diamonds that are mined are brown in color. Previously, brown diamonds were considered less attractive than other colored diamonds and hence, were not used in jewelries. However, a shift in consumer preferences resulted in brown diamonds recently becoming valued and admired gemstones.

How are chocolate diamond bracelets different?

We have seen white diamond bracelets all our lives and no doubt, they are sight of beauty. But chocolate diamond bracelets are no less. With the chocolatey hues of brown and stunning designs, Le Vian’s chocolate diamond bracelets are the best to suit every kind of occasion. They have become every women’s favorite because of a number of reasons. That are:

  • Uniqueness

Le Vian’s chocolate diamond bracelets tops everything else because of its different and attractive deep brown color and the chic designs that Le Vian comes up with. Their bracelets are bound to stall eyes and become star of the show because of their irresistibility.

  • Delicateness

Chocolate Diamond Bracelets are very delicately designed so that the deep brown diamonds give an aesthetically pleasing look. Le Vian’s design team is impeccable and designs after thorough market analysis.

  • Affordable

Unlike white diamond bracelets, chocolate diamond bracelets are a lot cheaper. This is because they are found more commonly than white diamonds. This doesn’t, however, mean that these diamonds are lesser in quality or fame.

  • Stunning cuts

Le Vian’s jewelry is famous for their classic designs and beautiful cuts that stay in trend for years to follow. Their cuts suit different attires and occasions. With the affordable price tag, it’s a win-win situation.

Beautiful Chocolate Diamond Bracelets

Flaunt your beautiful wrist with intricately-designed, beautifully-cut and affordable chocolate diamond bracelets by Le Vian corporation. We master in the art of producing excellent pieces that complement your wardrobe. Our designs are irresistible. A lot of celebrities prefer wearing our unique designs to shine in big and small occasions. Have a look by yourself. Visit our store or e-store and get enthralled.