Buying Diamonds on Clearance: A Bad Idea?

There is no right time to buy a diamond. Whether you’re looking for an engagement ring, or some beautiful necklaces, any time of the year can be a good one to capitalize on. There are, however, some perks to shopping for these jewels during a certain season. Stores often do holiday marketing and sales to sell more items. As the demand gets higher, the price goes down. And this is when most people make their purchase.


Vendors lure shoppers in with their flashy discounts and promote their brands to the public. To increase revenue they usually give 25% to 50% off the original price. Is it a bad idea to buy from these sales? It could be, or it could prove to be a good decision.


Marketing Scam

The usual practice of these clearance sales is not because of some holiday tradition. It has nothing to do with gift giving and more to do with marketing. This is carried out every holiday season and is always a success. Instead of relying on sales to buy the perfect engagement ring or holiday present, diamonds should be bought from their original sourcing companies. This especially refers to Chocolate Diamonds® because they vary in quality as well as pricing.


Bad Quality
Many of these businesses are promoting advertising practices that mislead their customers. They end up thinking that the best quality diamonds are available for a very low price. The wholesale price, much like products you find at Wal-Mart, does not represent the actual factory price. Vendors with their big claims about wholesale prices are violating legal rules and regulations. Customers will in turn buy bad quality diamonds for more than their worth while thinking that they got a bargain. Instead of this they should opt for affordable and beautiful Chocolate Diamond® jewelry.


Chain Jewelers
When chain jewelers bring out the sales and discounts, it’s easy to be attracted to the opportunity. They do spend millions on advertising so you are led to believe that the diamonds they are selling are accessible as well as cheap. This is not the case, however, because even a reputable chain company will profit off it more than their consumer. The original prices are already marked up by these stores and these “discounts” are still higher than what they are actually worth. Furthermore, jewelers are unlikely to negotiate their prices so you will end up paying more anyway.


Buy From Reliable or Independent Jewelers

Sometimes buying diamonds online is not the right decision. The best thing to do is check out some independent jewelry stores. The rings will be a bit more expensive, they will be worth it. Chain jewelers try to pass off bad quality jewels are high priced ones but this way you can avoid overpaying. Furthermore, local jewelry designs are unique and elegant in taste. You can get top-notch service as well as a custom-designed setting that will make the money you spent seem like a decent deal.




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