A Chocolate Diamond® is basically, a brown diamond. The difference occurs with the clarity, inclusion and the grading. The term “Chocolate Diamonds®” is actually a term coined by the Le Vian Family and then later trademarked. They are very strict about the diamonds they choose as Chocolate Diamonds®. This careful selection and proper marketing has made Chocolate Diamonds® a classic.


Brown diamonds come in a wide variety of colors. The National Color Diamond Association has categorized brown diamonds in the following manner:

Cinnamon Diamonds

These are the diamonds with the lightest brown color. Their soft brown color is often found with a pale pink or peach undertone.

Champagne Diamonds

They are also very light brown, almost like the Cinnamon Diamonds, but they have a yellowish golden undertone.

Chocolate Diamonds®

The Chocolate Diamonds® are pure and deep brown. They don’t have any undertones neither inclusions. They are between C4-C6. These are only found in the Argyle mine in Australia.

Cognac Diamonds

These are a little more brown than Champagne diamonds or Cinnamon diamonds. They have warm yellow, green, or orange undertones.

Honey Diamonds

Honey diamonds are also the same color as a Cognac diamond. The difference is that the undertones of these diamonds are limited to dark yellow and pale orange.

Clove Diamonds

These are deep brown diamonds. They have an olive undertone.


Brown or Chocolate Diamonds® are 100% naturally occurring diamonds. Just like their white counterparts, they are created by the seismological processes than have spanned millions of years. So, the fact is that the naturally occurring high quality Chocolate Diamonds® available in the market will never change color and they will always remain the same. The same cannot be said for their low quality counterparts. After the fame that Chocolate Diamonds® got in the market, some manufacturers started irradiating or heat treating lower quality brown diamonds. This treatment can change the color of the diamond. These diamonds that have been treated in the lab can change their color overtime.


Once, brown diamonds were only deemed worthy of industrial work. Now, with the work the Le Vian has put in, the trend has changed and a lot of people including celebrities are going for the Chocolate Diamonds® in various combinations for their rings, necklaces, and bracelets.

When choosing your diamond, make sure that you have done all the research so that you don’t buy a treated diamond instead of a natural Chocolate Diamond®. Always buy from a jeweler that has a good reputation in the market. Go to your friends and family for recommendations. Avoid buying stones that have a bargain that seems too good to be true. A lot of artificial stones are dealt this way and sellers expect that the customers will go for the price instead of a thorough checkup.

Now that you know all about brown diamonds and Chocolate Diamonds®, you can easily go to the market and select the right stone for yourself without any worries.

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