Bracelets have been gracing those beautiful wrists of women since ever. It has become a symbol of style, femininity and class. Since diamond is a girl’s best friend, they prefer nothing over sparkly diamonds. But getting a diamond bracelet costs a lot and doesn’t come under everyone’s budget. Don’t worry girls, we have got a yummy new alternate for you that will be easy on your pocket.

Chocolate Diamond Bracelets are becoming popular with each day passing by. The main reasons behind this fame are immaculate designs and affordable prices. Ever since chocolate diamonds were introduced, they have captured the market by storm. Le Vian corporation is a pro in coming up with attractive bracelet designs using the best quality chocolate diamonds.

Where are chocolate diamonds found?

Contrary to popular belief, white diamonds do not mark as the most common variety of diamonds. Brown diamonds make up a huge number of natural diamonds. Brown diamonds are mined together with white diamonds. In the Argyle mine in Australia, 80% of diamonds that are mined are brown in color. Previously, brown diamonds were considered less attractive than other colored diamonds and hence, were not used in jewelries. However, a shift in consumer preferences resulted in brown diamonds recently becoming valued and admired gemstones.

How are chocolate diamond bracelets different?

We have seen white diamond bracelets all our lives and no doubt, they are sight of beauty. But chocolate diamond bracelets are no less. With the chocolatey hues of brown and stunning designs, Le Vian’s chocolate diamond bracelets are the best to suit every kind of occasion. They have become every women’s favorite because of a number of reasons. That are:

  • Uniqueness

Le Vian’s chocolate diamond bracelets tops everything else because of its different and attractive deep brown color and the chic designs that Le Vian comes up with. Their bracelets are bound to stall eyes and become star of the show because of their irresistibility.

  • Delicateness

Chocolate Diamond Bracelets are very delicately designed so that the deep brown diamonds give an aesthetically pleasing look. Le Vian’s design team is impeccable and designs after thorough market analysis.

  • Affordable

Unlike white diamond bracelets, chocolate diamond bracelets are a lot cheaper. This is because they are found more commonly than white diamonds. This doesn’t, however, mean that these diamonds are lesser in quality or fame.

  • Stunning cuts

Le Vian’s jewelry is famous for their classic designs and beautiful cuts that stay in trend for years to follow. Their cuts suit different attires and occasions. With the affordable price tag, it’s a win-win situation.

Beautiful Chocolate Diamond Bracelets

Flaunt your beautiful wrist with intricately-designed, beautifully-cut and affordable chocolate diamond bracelets by Le Vian corporation. We master in the art of producing excellent pieces that complement your wardrobe. Our designs are irresistible. A lot of celebrities prefer wearing our unique designs to shine in big and small occasions. Have a look by yourself. Visit our store or e-store and get enthralled.

3 Gemstones With Meanings & Properties

Mother Nature is not a person or a place, but is an invisible essence. Mother Nature is the essence which gives birth to precious elements that extends far beyond human comprehension or the ability to recreate such. Diamonds, Rubies, Sapphire, Aquamarine, and thousands of more different types of gemstones that exists in this world; all has a meaning and has unique properties which has been designed by Mother Nature itself. In this post, we will be discussing the 3 most precious gemstones in the world that has significant meaning and unique properties that no other element has.


Diamonds have been around for a very long period of time and dates back as early as the 4th Century BC.
They have been always been used to symbolize and stir up meaning to the person whom wore the diamond in a jewelry fashion. Today, an average diamond can cost anywhere from $3,000-$5,000 and this depends on many different factors of the diamond such as cut, clarity, color and contrast.

The meaning of a diamond can be a bit hard to grasp. Diamonds are the thought to be the gem of a winter season since it resembles the color of ice. The diamond is the crystalline of Illumination, the crystal of light. It is also considered to be a gem of a spiritual stone, in which symbolizes perfection, strength, wisdom and clairvoyance. Diamonds are said to bring good luck, wealth and wisdom.

The properties of a diamond are like no other. Mostly the diamond element is made from carbon. Amazingly, the carbon atoms are arranged naturally in a cubical structure known as the lattice. The element is an isotropic crystalline, making its material transparent. However diamonds are also rarely found in colored stones such as chocolate diamonds and pink diamonds.


Aquamarine is a precious stone that resemble the light-sky-blue tint coloration. They make the perfect jewel set for just about any type of occasion. Aquamarine is believed to encourage calmness, clarity and relaxation. The stone is associated to the divine feminine essence. One of these gems can cost anywhere from $5-$100 per carat!
Many people don’t know that Aquamarine is actually the element of beryllium, in which comes in many different colors. When beryllium is found to a blue tint under the blue colors spectrum, it is called aquamarine gemstone. The crystalline in aquamarine has a hexagonal formation.


Emeralds have been around for some time now, they have been widely used in many royal wears such as crowns and talismans. Emeralds are believed to have special abilities that afflicts upon the human heart. The energy levels that an emerald gives, helps to promote honesty, love and compassion. The emerald element is a precious stone that is part of the beryl family too. Emeralds obtain its green coloration from chromium and sometimes vanadium in the crystalline formation.

Are you interested to learn more about gemstones that can be a part of your daily life? Feel free to reach us on our website and ask us about insights about gemstones. You will also get free exclusive offers on some of the top bestselling chocolate diamonds rings!


Kids App For Enhanced Learning

It’s a common fact that we all learn and educate ourselves in different ways using different methods. Some learn quickly through simple reading, some learn through watching visually, and many tend to learn sufficiently through both. As the world shifts its hinges towards a more synced-technological world, the means of accessing education has become easy and is available in different forms of medium, in which many includes in the form of an software application that can be easily accessed through a smart device, such as a kids tablet. There are many applications out there that offers easy and comprehensible platforms that are fun, entertaining and educational for children, however there is one slight issue that is presented in many kids educational applications, and that the fact that parents are having a hard time monitoring the child’s progress and whether or not if the child is even learning at all.

Application developers in the educational sectors have further analyzed and evaluated the best possible methods in which a child can learn from a software educational application. Since it is a popular trend that many kids nowadays are utilizing smart devices to keep themselves entertained, developers are creating applications that can provide your child the best educational experience. Some educational apps for kids are like Pezo Parent, ClassDojo, and in which provides an easy and comprehensible platform for both the child and the parents.
(Image Accredited by: CSMonitor)

Since there is a trend for children using smart devices to play game apps, watch cartoons, educate themselves and surf the web, it can be a difficult task for some parents to monitor their child’s educational progress and the general activities that children tend to get involved in. Before technology existed as a mainstream, children toys and books were the only means of entertainment and educational resources. Since the dawn of tablets and educational applications have become widely available, toys and books have morphed into antique-items that are only good to catch dust.

(Images Accredited by: Scholastic)

Although the number of educational apps for students in Google Play is unidentified, we generally can say that there is at least thousands of educational apps for kids which you can download and use for free! Some educational applications kids have an upgrade scheme that requires the user to upgrade, usually for a small price. Although there are many free education applications, the best educational apps for kids or students is an application in which you would have to pay for and one that offers the vital edge in griping the parental control and management of your child’s activities.

It is recommended that if you are opting to provide your child an educational application, you should select one that offers parental control and child’s favorite application management, that way you will be informed of your child’s progress with his / her educational progress and still be able to monitor their activities and which applications are granted access to the child. One great example is the Pezo Parent, whereas parents or the legal guardian can restrict the child’s application or favorite game app until a specific set of questions or lessons is completed by the child, by thus, the child is challenged each and every time when they have the need to use their favorite apps and in return the parent gets a view of their daily progress!

Using SEO to increase app installations

Mobile app marketing is not what it used to be, SEO is not what it used to be. The lines between various platforms in the digital world have all but blurred. When we say SEO can also be used to boost your mobile app marketing plan, you need not be surprised.

90% of your user’s time is spent using apps, according to Smart Insights; it is no wonder conversion rates from mobile apps are topping even those from mobile websites.

A holistic mobile app marketing strategy needs to be employed so that it is your app that is discoverable and not your competitor’s app. Better discoverability will lead to more installations; more installations equal to more users spending their time and money on your app.

For this purpose, the best mobile app marketing companies make sure they are executing mobile app marketing services that cover all the bases – including SEO.

If the reasons above aren’t enough to convince you about the importance of merging SEO in mobile app marketing campaigns, consider this: app installation suggestions are shown organic search results on Google. The algorithm will consider the content of your app the way it would consider the content of any website. Therefore, the same rule applies to mobile apps: use SEO in order to be discoverable through organic search results.

(Worried you don’t have the expertise? A mobile app marketing agency could help you on that front.)

The importance of SEO for apps has been established. Now it is time to merge app store optimization and search engine optimization.
Since the algorithm that ranks apps in the app store is not the same as that in Google search results, an app that ranks as top in app store search results does not necessarily rank top in organic search engine results.

Tried and approved by the top app marketing companies, you should integrate the following SEO practices with ASO to get the best results:

  • Build a landing page

Set up a landing page or a microsite for your mobile app in order to direct more traffic. Include keyword infused content and relevant information so that when the search engine directs traffic to you, your site is able to retain it.  Build strong backlinks to further strengthen and nurture your SEO strategy.

  • Keyword research

The whole foundation of SEO is built upon keywords. If your keywords aren’t strong, the foundations of your SEO will not be strong. Make sure to do a thorough keyword research.

Don’t have the tools? An app marketing agency can help.

  • Higher ratings

Prompts that ask users for their ratings and reviews are a good way to get your app rated. To get a high rating, schedule these prompts when the user is most likely to be happy with your app.
Mind you, search engines consider these ratings when ranking your app.

Follow these practices and see the results!




Moving everything to Cloud: Benefits & Consequences

“Information is power”. This well-known phrase may sound topical and even too bombastic if we talk about day to day life (both personal & professional). However, we all agree that whether its personal or professional activity, data needs to be handled, and that the success or failure of a task depends on the quality, security, and availability of this information.


Without any doubt, cloud computing is a booming technology which is moving faster and becoming dominant method of delivering computer services.  Both large and small businesses are realizing its importance, empowerment comes with cloud computing, experts say. But as we all know, there are two sides of a coin and there is nothing as free lunch, cloud computing along with having some serious benefits comes with a set of consequences that can be a serious concern for organizations. Here in this article, we’ve described possible benefits and consequences that an organization should consider before shifting to the cloud.



Cloud Computing: Benefits

Access While Moving: One benefit of shifting to cloud is that you can easily access your data even if you are not present in your cramped office cubicle. With cloud computing, you can access your data using iPads, mobile or any other computer device.  If you have a strong and reliable internet connection, no one can stop you from accessing your data.  Cloud centralizes entire data so that we could access it easily without depending on the hardware or software.


Cost Efficient: If you want to save money, move to cloud computing. With this technology, you can save excessive amount of money that you usually spend on maintaining your hardware and software.  When you are on cloud, you don’t have to worry about buying a new software or spending money on licensing, installation and up-gradation.



Data Recovery: With cloud computing, you don’t have to worry about restoring data or taking any backups because vendors make sure that your data automatically gets backed up and remain safe – always.


Limitless Storage: Cloud computing provides you unlimited storage, meaning you no longer have to buy new servers, machines, and other types of storage devices.


Cloud Computing: Consequences

No internet No access: Having no access to data in absence of internet is possibly one of the biggest handicaps of cloud computing.  If you have no or poor internet connection, you can’t use cloud, even an hour of downtime can cause you a lot.


Security Issues: Vendors around the globe are using latest technology to satisfy security needs of the clients. But remember, advanced technology gives newer and better opportunities to hackers to steal confidential data. Because data is always on internal servers, there is higher risk of hacking.


Customer Support: Over the years vendors have tried to improve when it comes to giving customer support. Client’s complaints’ have considerably gone down but it still can’t be ignored. If you are in a business that requires quick responses then you should ensure constant access to technical support team – low level of support can cost you a lot.


Different Formats: Remember, a wise choice can help you touch the sky.  There are various cloud service providers that use different data formats and application that restricts you from easily transferring the data. Due to different formats, you may get stuck while transferring. Therefore, before selection, the vendor ensures if he is using industry APIs and provides easy data extraction.


The decision is yours if you believe; the weight of benefits is higher than the consequences, then you should defiantly move everything to cloud.

Reasons why you should invest in a delivery app

Reason 1:

The Alcoholic Drinks market will reach $184,076 million in 2021.

Beer and wine are a must in many parties, gatherings, and even events. The market worth has always been high and true to its nature, it will see a robust growth in the future too. Whether this is a good or bad thing is another debate, but we all can see Alcohol delivery app get the most benefits from here.

Reason 2:

In 2017, the online delivery is worth $11 billion, and of that figure about two thirds of orders are for – you guessed that right – pizza!

Pizza has the power to rock the world, and our emotions. With the market worth showing promising figures, we would say companies not in investing in pizza delivery app or even third party on demand economy apps do so at their own risk.


Reason 3:

From 2018 to 2020 the offline delivery market is to fall by 7.6%, and online food delivery service market will grow by 14.9%.

Food delivery apps like uber are sure contributors this growth. More and more people are turning to the ease of ordering online with minimum interaction or talking as compared to calling and ordering, or going to the restaurant for takeout. Takeout is comfort food, and after the days toil people want to just relax with minimum – if any – interaction.


A ripe opportunity to harvest.




Reason 4:

US online grocery spending could be a $100 billion dollars by 2025.

These figures are not and should not be surprising. If we can order pizza online then why not grocery delivery services like a grocer delivery app?

As people and stores alike become more and more tech savvy, this was bound to happen. Mobile phones are not what they were before; stores and people alike want to make most of this opportunity.


What is your business waiting for?

Reason 5:

Delivery apps have loyal customers

Let it be a package delivery app or a food delivery service app; the hunt for the best delivery app continues. And what happens when people do find an all inclusive platform? They stick to it. Give the people something they find useful or like and they will remain loyal to it. Your app is like a digital version of real estate property on the consumer’s phone. Once it’s there, it is there – unless you give them reason to remove it.

Reason 6:

63% of on demand delivery app workers are content with their jobs, and 81% intend to continue this line of work for the next year.

Labor and delivery app provide opportunities for people using them and people working for them, alike. People want to find the best food delivery app to work for and earn quick cash whenever they want. The stat above clearly shows us many individuals are already taking advantage of this opportunity, and are getting the job flexibility they desire.





Identifying your industry influencer

The marketing playing field changes swiftly and surely; to survive companies and businesses must catch up with it. Since marketing is all about promoting and selling services, it is crucial to identify key players first. By “key player” we do not mean the competitors only – social media influencers too.

Thus, we come to the next point: influencer marketing and why you should bother with it.

As any of the influencer marketing companies will tell you, the first step is to understand the importance of this exercise and what it will mean for your bottom line. What better way to know this than to look at a few figures that will provide undeniable evidence?

  • 48% of marketers intend to increase their budget for this particular type of marketing. on the same note, 56% are in agreement that influencer marketing can have a positive impact on people about your brand. (eMarketer)
  • 51% of marketers believe leads acquired through this form of marketing are better, and it generates 11X more ROI than other typical forms.


With the point being established that social influencer marketing is paramount, we come to the meat of this article: how to identify the players.

Define the perfect influencer


First thing first, identify the boundaries that would encompass the right type of internet celebrity for you. This also includes the selection of suitable influencer marketing platforms to execute your campaign on.

For example, the first step is to identify who fits your industry niche. If your industry is related to health care or medicinal products, you wouldn’t want to ask a beauty blogger to endorse your brand. It will just not make sense.


Similarly, the person in question will have to have a large audience reach too.

Furthermore, how well your chosen person is able to execute the campaign and bring profitable results should also be considered. We come full circle here because this depends on how well the influencer fits your industry.



Keeping an eye out on social media

Social media is the main platform for executing your campaign. It the medium from where influencers are selected and it is the channel through which they will communicate to their followers.


Keeping an eye out through methods such as research hashtags, Google Alerts, and so on. Keep tuned in to the conversation so that you know who is active in your field and who is a potential candidate. 

Found the right candidate? Build a long-term relationship with them and get on with the next step of influencer marketing!


Use tools

For a definitive strategy, tools are needed. These can be an influencer marketing agency, influencer marketing software, or an influencer search engine that lets you sift through a whole database of potential ambassadors for your brand.

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